Uttrakhand - The Land Of God

It is known as the “Land of God.” It has untouched natural beauty and sublime spirituality. Watch the spectacular view of the Himalayas and observe the culture connected with nature. Whenever your interest lies in visiting Uttrakhand then stay ready for trekking and river rafting that worth your time! This tour is dreams come true for those who are planning to honeymoon in Uttrakhand in the winter. Attend the Ganga Arti in Haridwar and visit divine temples. Uttrakhand is a blissful place for devotees and spiritual seekers. You can find heaven on earth with a wonderful adventure trip to Uttrakhand.

Pilgrimage sites in Uttrakhand

It is famous for pilgrimage sites because it is the originating spot of the Ganga And Yamuna. Both are the most sacred rivers of Hindus. It is the home to the Char Dham. These four places are Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Each Hindu must visit once pilgrimage destinations in a lifetime. Badrinath is mentioned in several Vedas and set in the Neelkhant mountain peak. It has importance due to mentions in the Hindu Methodology related to Lord Shiva. Dwrahat is also a wonderful retreat in the Kumao Mountain which has religious importance. It is the home of the 55 odd ancient temples. It is the best trip for peace seekers.

Ganga Arti in Haridwar

It is the religious player at the Har ki Paundi Ghat that brings devotees and tourists from all over the world. Witness the ritual of light and sound where the priest performs the prayers with the bowls of fire. Take ‘Diyas’ and flowers and hear the chanting of the mantras. Reflection of the lights on the river is one of the blissful experience by Goddess Ganga.

Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well known for Yoga. It is the science for the health and well being. Even if you are a beginner, yoga is the best experience to take. Parma Niketan is a well-known yoga center on the bank of the Ganga river. Other popular centers are Sivananda Ashram, Sanskriti Yagpith, and Osho Gangadham Ashram.

Aventure activities to do in Uttrakhand

If you are an adventure seeker then Bungee jumping in the Rishikesh can take your experience sky high! It is located 20 km from the Rishikesh and proves the most thrilling experience ever. Kaudiyala offers the perfect opportunity for the Camping. It is surrounded by dense forests. Landsdown is also the best place for camping where stargazing can memorable experience of life. Cliff jumping is the activity done near to the river. It’s just jumping down in the river from the high which is the most thrilling water sports ever. Boating in Nainital Lake offers breathtaking views during the morning and sunset. Trees that cover the hillsides add charm to the raw beauty.Paragliding is the most exciting thing to do in Uttrakhand. It let you soar high in the sky with the amazing valley below and in the backdrop of beautiful hills. Visit Mussorie to do rock climbing and Rappelling. Both are considered as most adventure activities of the all-time. Skiing in Auli Hill station is the prime activity to do. The Auli is surrounded by the evergreen conifers and oak forest. Mountain Biking will let you enjoy the cool fresh wind against your face. You will go through the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas and the Serene Gangas. Flying Flox is the top thrilling things to do in Rishikesh. The cable car ride is the best for those who love to see breathtaking views of the Panorama. Auli and Nainital are the best places for the Cable Car Ride. Nainital Cable Car takes you to the top of the hill where you will see the Nanda Devi. You can take a memorable experience from the trip.

River Rafting in Uttrakhand

Rishikesh offers the best Rafting experience ever. It has gifted natural circumstances to top professional assistance. You will get the food, water, and rafting by the operator. The best season sees Rishikesh awesome crowded. Rafting is the Tauni can be wrecking ride of yours. It is the roller coaster journey on the white water through the western part of the Himalayas. It gives your life experience of the best rafting and Wildness of Tons Valley.

Trekking Uttrakhand

The Kauri Pass offers the best trekking opportunities. Trekking is the most enthralling experience. Whether you are amateurs or professional trekking in Kauri Pass is ideal for trekking. Nag Tiba is popular for the best weekend trek. It is the highest peak in the Nagtibba. Trekking on the amazing hills can take your experience sky high! Rupin pass is a place with the stunning beauty that offers the adventurous thrill to trekkers. It is located in between the mountain ranges where you get the treatment such as waterfalls, slippy snow bridge and the ice blue rivulets snaking all around the gracious valley. Tehri Garhwal trek is famous among tourists from the world. It offers streams, rivers, and some breathtaking views. Sitla Mukteshwar trek and Kausani trek are also given some breathtaking views! It can be a trip to your life!

Explore the Wildlife at Jim Corbet National Park

It is set on the hills of the Himalayas and the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in the countries. Flora and fauna consist of 580 bird species and 50 species of the Animal. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the attraction that worth exploring. It has an ecosystem that resembles the Himalayas. Apart from the tiger, you can also spot the leopards, pangolins and black bear. The best time to visit the Corbet National park is from 15th October to 15th June. Take the tip to Uttrakhand to explore the wildlife and to see the rare tiger. The Rubik's Cube is not just a forgotten toy from the '80s. The fact is that it's even more popular than ever before.