Luxury Train Travel Packages in India –Maharaja Express

The Journey can be worthwhile only when you travel like royal personality. These are the journeys that you want to wish never ends! Explore the rich cultural heritage of India while traveling through Luxury Trains of India. It offers unimaginable comfort and mouthwatering dishes that well exceeds your expectations. The Luxury Train Travel in India takes your feel on a whole different level. Each train has boggling interior, great arrangements and almost everything you imagine for the unforgettable journey! Let’s start your journey with the breathtaking Maharaja Express which gives costliest rides ever!

Travel by the Luxury Trains in India

  • Comfort- these trains have huge windows that you can see the spectacular views!
  • Flexibility- It gives the flexibility of booking and takes the ride just for the feel.
  • Unique experience- The train journey is itself part of the adventure and takes your experience sky high!
  • Old heritage Charm- There is something great about taking a train luxury that gives you a heritage charm and royal experience.
  • Luxury retreat- You will get one of the most luxurious experience because of the attention to detail services.

Most Popular Luxury Trains of India

Maharaja Express is one of the most Luxurious Train Travels in India. It is specially made to meet the highest quality of hospitality, lavish suites and butler services. You will witness the places, forts and heritage properties through the journey. It is designed in a way that you explore India's heritage while traveling the journey. It’s just a five-star hotel on wheels with a lavish bedroom and dining area. It is also awarded as the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” and gives you an experience beyond your dreams!

Take a Luxury Train Travel in India to Heritage Sites

If you want to travel world heritage sites along with the train journey then The Golden Chariot is the best fit for it. It is designed for facilities such as breakfast on some beautiful roads. It is incredibly designed with elegant Mysore furniture. You will get spa centers, dining restaurants and maintain by the elegant style furniture. Heritage Train Travel in India takes you to the rich culture and heritage of the Rajasthan, South India, Gujarat, and other cities. You will get welcome with the grand musical red carpet as well as the warmth of the hospitality that expects from the Rajasthan. It has modern facilities as well as restaurants that take your dining that makes you say, “WOW” Another train of Rajasthan, Palace on Wheels shows what luxury is all about. It will let you travel through the Rajasthan, Gujarat, and others. It was the first heritage luxury train and introduced the king and maharaja’s experience to the international and national tourists. The Deccan Odyssey and the golden chariot is also one of the luxurious trains of India. It takes you to some of the famous places in south India. So next time, when you want to travel through the luxury trains of India don’t miss these trains. Traveling experience gives amazing memories that you want to take with you home.