Luxury Tailor Made Holidays –Customized India Tour Packages

Luxury car travel upgrades you with the special room. You will be on the adult zone where you will get chance to enjoy your vacay in full-swing. Luxury Tailor-Made Holidays in India gives exactly what you are looking for! The great culture treasure for living by the famous beaches in the holidays is all about making your vacations memorable! As a traveler, we understand your need for Customized India Vacations Packages you will like to do on a journey of a lifetime! But, if you need to add your own itinerary, let’s know. We will Tailor India Holidays to suit your temper. It just means you will see the world as it is. When it comes to planning the journey luxury car travel is with you!

What Are The Unforgettable Luxury Experiences In India?

Luxury Trains in India

India especially recognized in the world for its luxury train experiences. Customized India Trips can take you back in the era of the kings and royalty. Maharaja Express is the most luxurious train in India and runs between the October and April. It gives experiences such as meeting the member of the royal families, elephant polo match in Jaipur and visiting the UNESCO Heritage Site Khajuraho Group of Temples. Place on wheels and Royal Rajasthan On Wheels travel on similar routes that starts in New Delhi and covers the Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, and Chittorgarh. Don’t miss these trains if you are coming in India!

Luxury Cruises in India

The attraction towards luxury cruises is growing consistently by national and international tourists. Book our tailor-made India tour packages with luxury cruises on the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrunda Cruise that is a great way to lose in the water and explore the culture of Kerala. Costa neo Classica Cruise sails from Mumbai to the Maldives and offers the amenities like spa, casino, Jacuzzi and so on. You will also like to explore the M.V Mahabahu Cruize and Vivada cruise on M.V Paramhamsha that allows spotting a wide range of the locals and birds.

Luxury Heritage Hotels in India

Lake Place is the heritage hotel in Rajasthan voted as the most romantic heritage hotels in India. Our Luxury Tailor Holidays in India includes features such as private spa, butler, dining and Jacuzzi. Another evidence of heritage and rich culture of royals is given by Udai Vilas Palace. It has fountains, gardens and excellent services offered to the guests. Taj Palace in Mumbai and The grand Oberoi in Kolkata are also must visit the hotel in Delhi. The customized tour packages with the heritage hotels are charming reminder of the way once lived the royalty and excellence. When you live in these hotels you can be the part of that history too! India is wide in culture, heritage, monuments and memorials

Everything comes with modern comfort in the Customized India Tour Packages; so feel different! Whether you are traveling alone or in the group, India is the great escape about experiencing the culture and new people that make your dream come true!