Book Luxury Camping Trip with Friends for India Vacations

India is the seventh-largest county in the world which has a rich and colorful culture that can’t be missed by any traveler. India has golden deserts, long rivers, Himalayan peak and long beaches that make your experience worthwhile! Luxury Camping in India takes you to several destinations which are hidden in the landscapes and consist of several opportunities for the discovery, adventure, and romance. Once you will experience it you may never think about leaving! Luxury car travel helps you to Experience Luxury Camping in India.

Glamorous Camping or Glamping

It is one of the fastest-growing trends of camping which is catchy! You can set up your tents anywhere in India such as in the mountain, on the farm, in the desert, at the beach and so on. You can visit Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, Goa, Ladakh and other places like this in India to inspire your adventure!

Glamping in Northeast India

If you are looking for the beautiful and romantic camping then Glamping Tent Rentals with the modern interior in Kohima, Nagaland gives you the best experience with your partner or loved once. It has a cozy bedroom and en-suite bathroom. You can see the large mountains that give you the shining morning! This is one of the beautiful accommodations which make your stay comfortable and luxurious.

Luxury Camping in Kerala

Do you want to see breathtaking scenery? Tented Cabins Getaways in Kerala for adventurers is especially breathtaking in Kerala. Here you can join for the night camp-fire and dinner given by the hosts. It has an excellent local cuisine that makes your experience memorable!

Deluxe Cottage Tents in Rajasthan Desert

Deluxe Cottage Tents in Rajasthan Desert Camps give you Luxurious Camping Experience in the Golden City, Jaisalmer. It makes your stay unbelievably awesome because of the magic and adventure. In the 8th century traders are used to visit through this route. The camp gives the modern facilities and comfort with the attention to detail hospitality.

Luxurious Camping in Tree House

Have you ever seen the treehouse? You may have seen in the movies but tree house on a local farm in southwest India gives you the real experience of it. It is called “Machan” which made of the wood and bamboo and has the western style bathroom in the ground level. It consists of features such as living room, running water, dining room, sink, shower, linens and many more. In short, all are building to make your experience worthwhile!

Tree House Camping in Goa is located in an evergreen forest. The small stream is near where you can see an animal such as leopard, wild boars, and jackals. You may also see birds such as egrets, peacocks, and pigeons. It is one of the Comfortable Luxury Tents that you want to surely visit!

Mix with Nomadic Lifestyle

The camping experience is the good mixing of the nomadic lifestyle with the super-luxury stay. The Luxury Car Travels pitch your tents in the most beautiful spot and best countryside that you like most for Luxurious Camping in India. We have chosen the best location in India which makes your luxury camping experience glamorous! I hope you don’t miss one of the “Best Luxurious Experiences of Life’!