Luxury Car Travel’s Holiday Packages for friends

How cool those friendship days were when you didn’t think twice to plan a group trip? If you enjoyed a lot with your gang then you have already lived your life and now you're preparing the next life better. From school trips to family trips with lots of cousins, everything comes up with a unique and memorable breeze. Do you really miss those days when you just used to pack your bag, take your credit cards and call your friends to ask them to join and then leave to roam around the world? Youngsters live such a wonderful life, but with the passing days, many things changes. Responsibility becomes bigger, life becomes shorter, the problem comes in many and time remains lesser. Would you like to feel the same ecstasy again? The same love and enjoyment with the same friends those have been apart. It’s time to reunite your gang to attach the boring and unexciting life.

Luxury Car Travels comes up with an array of holiday destinations all across the world where you can indulge in adventurous and exciting sports or other activities with your gang. Our customized holiday packages for friends comprise everything from the leisure of youngsters to enjoy such as wellness services. There is something special in our holiday packages for friends. With the help of expert agents and group travelers, we have designed our tour packages as per your convenience. From comprising the Himalayas and south India waterfalls, we plan your journey with love and creativity. We décor your Vacay amazingly with adventure, serenity, excitement and bring all of you together to live your life as it used to be time ago.

Nothing is like spending wonderful moments with your group. Traveling with friends is probably one of the best things to delight in your life. Do you know those friends, who travel together, stay together too? Sending lovely texts to your friends on each friendship day is not what real friendship feels like. A friend in need is a friend indeed. There are several quotes to prove that friendship is still alive. So, when you are planning to unite all your gang and explore the world as you used to do at your young age? We have all set to make your trip memorable by planning a trip that leaves you awe.

Blessed with the Himalayas for spirituality, Goa for enjoyment and Kerala for Adventure, India appears like a bag full of tourist destinations for friends. A group journey is still a dream many. Luxury Car Travels comes up with mind-blowing ideal to make you experience the luxury phase of your life. Here are a few of our special arrangement to make you feel amazing with your gang.

Experience an exciting journey because Yeh Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara

Trapping in a trip with the whole gang is such like a dream comes true. Are you worried about your mindless friends who make a plan just to cancel those plans? Try our complete friend holiday packages and let your friends take it as it is. They wouldn’t be able to deny packing their bags after having a look at such amazing holiday destinations in India.

Luxury Car Travels wants to make your journey memorable and does lots of things to ensure you experience your journey amazingly beyond your thoughts. You are going for friend trip, but are you ready for this? What is ready for a trip meant to be? You can just pack your bags and take off to a whole new world to explore the fun with the gang. There are several things that you need to make sure before leading your town. Here is a list of things to check for a perfect friend tour.

Checklist of Things-To-Do for a Perfect Friends Journey

Luxury Car Travels comes up with fully prepared holiday packages, but it doesn’t mean that you can take them as it is. You are going to bring hikes in your life, not for cooking instant noodles. So, you need to ensure many things before planning a perfect journey. Take both the list together and ensure whether everything is all right or you’re missing something.

Things to create a memorable journey that you cannot afford not to include in your itinerary

The Himalayan kit

  • Knitted garments/warm clothes are obviously the first things to place in your bag.
  • Quality sports shoes to be added in your bag because trekking requires quality of climbing.
  • Napkins are probably the most essential part of your things to take on mountain trips.
  • Medicines to make you will be all right in the viral or little cold while travelling to hill stations during heavy snowfalls.
  • Maggie how can you imagine planning a friend journey without your best friend to satisfy your hunger anytime.
  • Skincare to prevent skin rashes due to too much cold and too much warm at one time.
  • Water flask bottle ensures you are going to die because of dehydration.
  • Raincoat to avoid carries an umbrella to keep your hands free while hiking.
  • Cash let us know if you are a huge fan of cashless India so that we can arrange it for you.
  • let us know if you are a huge fan of cashless India so that we can arrange it for one of your best friends to take care of you and assist you in connecting to your partners.

Take a screenshot to cross-check with your list of things to check before leaving for mountains. This is how you should prepare a bag for your Himalayan tour. Let’s move to south India Tropical wildlife centuries to have a shower in waterfalls.

A perfect south India traveller kit

  • Life Straw A personal water filter to ensure your water level or prevent you to drink seawater.
  • Charcoal tablet to make sure all your friends eat safely.
  • A list of destinations to visit along with roadmap because gadgets don’t work in south India forests
  • Mosquito hand band or net to now allow the mosquitoes to give you hickeys
  • Waterproof phone cases because mobile is life or such a helpful friend in your journey

South India is such a splendid travel destination in India that suits all Family, couples and friends travellers. You can walk through our customized holiday packages to explore more holiday packages for south India.

This is what you need to make sure before planning a trip with your friends. Whether your gang want to explore the local delights or roam around the Himalayan valleys, Luxury Car Travels comes up with best arrangements for you. If you are in a group of 5-7 then you can choose our Friend holiday package to Ladakh or explore the different side of Indian with our customized South India Holiday Packages for friends. Besides suggesting you about things to do for a perfect trip we also ensure whether or not everything is all right inside. Check our foolproof arrangements for you here.

Delight in amazing group journey with our best facilities

With the help of over 800+ local travel agents, Luxury Car Travels comes up with perfect arrangements for your journey. From Thailand, Mussoorie and Ladakh to Goa, our customized holiday packages for friends comprise all these major travelling destinations where you can head for a better journey. What is more than your eyes are looking for? Are not you happy with such splendid arrangements? Move to check out premium facilities for travellers like you.

From searching best travel destinations for you to design admirable holiday packages, Luxury Car Travels assist you in reaching some exciting places in India with your gang to explore offbeat delights. Check the list of the things we do to make your experience better-

  • Comprise all major tourist destinations to add serenity, excitement and adventure in your journey.
  • From personal cars to personal villa, we manage everything.
  • Hassle-free transportation and airport to resort transfer by cab.
  • Local support by assigning a local tour guide to assist you in reaching our some genuine spots of enjoyment.
  • A list of things-to-do as per your travel destinations such as water-sports, mountain climbing and trekking too.
  • Wellness services including a spa, body massage and everything.
  • Liberty to choose personal space to spend quality hours to get a lifetime moment with your girlfriend.

Our holiday packages for friends are designed by expert travel agents on the basis of what others say about this. By using proper uses of the search engine and other things, we come up with the best places to fly with your gang. You can either choose to plan a domestic tour at Shimla, Dehradun, Ladakh, Goa, Kashmir, South India and Sikkim & Gangtok holiday package for friends or have an eye on international travel destinations such as Thailand, Bangkok, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia. Get your pick of tourist places through our wide range of customized holiday packages for friends. To add a flavour, you can try visiting two or more places together. Speak to our executive for further inquiries and get quotes for your next trip now.