Darjeeling Holidays – Taste Darjeeling Tea and Ride on Toy Train

Darjeeling is the hill station which is located in West Bengal. It is known as the “Queen of the Himalayas.” It is famous for the green hills, beautiful sightseeing, and amazing toy train and tea plantation. It has cool climate conditions and Lush Mountain. One of the major attractions includes the toy train built in the 19th century. The Darjeeling Himalayan railways have come under the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Kanchenjunga is an eye-catching beauty that has several monasteries with its amazing architecture. This hill station is the perfect gateway for the romantic honeymoon. Just take a tour and have a cup of tea here!

Ride on Toy Train

It is one must adventure that you take in the Darjeeling. You can start your ride from the groom and get down at Kurseong. You will get the breathtaking views of the Darjeeling sightseeing. It will let you experience the romance and fun at the same time. It is started in the year 1881 and UNESCO declared the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as the World Heritage Site in 1999. Traveling on the toy train is the most activity in the Darjeeling tour.

Taste World Famous Darjeeling Tea

Yes! Finally, you are at the perfect tea place for which tourists attracted by the world. Darjeeling offers one of the finest teas which come from the hills. Darjeeling black tea is known for years and goes through all the stages of the orthodox processing. It has a range of favors that consists of the nutty, flowery and spicy. Darjeeling Green tea has lots of health benefits such as keeping the heart healthy and controlling LDL cholesterol levels. Darjeeling white tea is light in weight and has the least caffeine content which can be drunk by those who have lower blood pressure. Darjeeling Oolong is similar to the traditional Chinese tear which is hard withered and semi-oxidized. Darjeeling tea is grown in the complete natural condition and maintaining the best ecological system. There is no use of any kind of fertilizer. It is harvested according to the lunar cycle. Biodynamic ecologically balance between soil, tea bushes, animals and people who live in the garden. When you visit the Garden then don’t forget to click the picture with the basket. It is one of the best things to do in Darjeeling.

Ropeway in Darjeeling

You will experience the largest cable car rides in Asia which pass through the rolling tea estate. It only takes only 40 minutes with the tea estate below and the hills of the skim on the right. You will see the spectacular view of the valley around the little river Rangeet. It can be once in a lifetime experience to see the entire Darjeeling.

Adventure Activities to Do in Darjeeling

Observatory Hills is famous for trekking in Darjeeling to enjoy the blissful views of the valleys. This trekking will let you feel the connection with the divine. You must try the thrilling adventure White Water Rafting in the Testa River. It is excellent for the beginners and season and it’s better to go from December to June. Camping with the rafting will take your tour experience sky high! The Himalayan Mountaineering institute offers rock climbing and other activities for a one-time tourist. Darjeeling Carnival is blissful even for music lovers. You will witness several band performances and locals who give the musical performance in every corner of the street. Lothar festival also offers Tibetan dance with dressing elaborate consumes in the street.

Food in Darjeeling

There are awesome foods for the Foodies. The cuisine has the shades of the Tibetian, Nepali and Indian food. Some amazing restaurants of the wooden structure only serve the Momos to the British era cafes. You will get plenty of options such as scrumptious food and delicacies amidst. The most popular cuisine list includes delicate Momos, Aloo Dum, Naga Platter, Channg and Thukpa.

Wildlife in Darjeeling

The Himalayan Mountaineering institute offers a small zoological park that houses several pieces of Himalayan animals. The wildlife at the zoo can experience your kid at a high level. You can spot Red panda, Himalayan Deer, Black bear, and Snow Leopard. The Majestic Macaw is the biggest attraction there. Chapramari wildlife sanctuary gives awesome scenery and rare flora and fauna. Padma Naidu Himalayan zoological park is known as the biggest high altitude zoo in India.

Luxurious Stay in the Darjeeling

Revolver hotel has a Beatles theme that gives music based on the eastern and western influencers. You may find an amazing interior during your stay there. Singalila Jungle Lodge where you will only hear the noise of birds during the day. It offers the spectacular view of Singalila national park

Hills in the Darjeeling

If you want to see the first rays of the sun in the peak of the Kanchenjunga with the panoramic view of the Everest then drive up to Tiger Hill. It is located at the 8482 feet and most popular among the tourist. On a clear day, you may see the best view of the Kanchenjunga. Warning! You may lose yourself for a while! Visitors from all over the world take the tour to see the sunrise here. Another well-known viewpoint and tourist attraction in Darjeeling is Observatory Hills. It is located near to Chowrarasta Square. You can see an amazing view of Kanchenjunga and the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.